Our Company

Established in Thailand since 1982, Guardforce Cash Solutions Security (Thailand) Company Limited was the first company in Thailand that offers cash management solutions and continue remain as leader in the industry. Managed by experts in the field, we have unique operational capabilities to ensure that all customers' security needs are met.

With a staff of over 2,000 people and over 450 vehicles in 20 offices around thecountry, the company offers total solution managing customers' cash logistics from collection, sorting, verifying to depositing to customer's bank account, from end to end. With our impeccable track record in providing secure and reliable services, we are the trustable security partner for our customers from all industry include banks, financial institution, government and retailers throughout Thailand.

Behind our secure and reliable services are a sizable team of frontline professional staff and high-calibre management personnel to ensure services are delivered in the highest standard. We put supreme values on quality, safety and environmental awareness in all our services. We have already been certified under ISO 9001

Trusted by banks and major retailers, with Guardforce's industrial & operational expertise and experiences, it further strengthen Guardforce's dominant position in Thailand and the Asia Pacific Region.



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