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Advanced and integrated ATM management services

One-stop ATM management to ensure prime service for customers

Guardforce Thailand offers a complete solution for keeping the auto-teller machines (ATM) of banks and financial institutions operational at all times as well as help to expand ATM networks. The cash management service and comprehensive maintenance for ATMS in Thailand enable banks and financial institutions to devote their resources in their core business to improve business performance.

With a network of 20 offices across Thailand, Guardforce Thailand is well positioned to offer services in all areas of the country, even in remote and high-risk areas, such as islands and the border regions.

The following services are offered under the integrated ATM Management solution:

  • Cash replenishment ­– check and replenish cash reserve in machine to ensure a continuous flow of cash supply to meet customers’ needs
  • First-line maintenance –  collect retained ATM cards, re-fill promotion materials, change printing ribbon, advice slips and journal tapes, check alarm system, hold stock of ATM stationery and ascertain machine is in good order, etc.
  • Second-line maintenance – liaise with and monitor the customer's service contractors and arrange maintenance service, etc.
  • Alarm response – 24-hour "On Call" by a designated Guardforce officer for alarm call-out; respond to alarm within an agreed timeframe to carry out initial inspection of the ATM location and report the condition of the ATM centre to the customer's designated staff; take action in accordance with client’s instructions; reset alarm for normal function in ATM centre in the event of false-alarm.
  • Emergency maintenance services – take action on any urgent maintenance requests by customers.
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