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Cash & Valuables-in-Transit

Secure and reliable armored transportation Service Provider

Secure delivery of cash and valuables in Thailand

With strong and proven capabilities in secure logistics, supported by unrivalled teams with extensive experience and excellent service track record, Guardforce Thailand is a trusted partner in Cash-in-Transit Services in Thailand to provide secure transport of cash and valuables.

As Thailand’s leading cash transportation services provider, Guardforce offers comprehensive services in door-to-door cash collection and delivery, supporting banks, government organisations, multi-nationals, blue-chip companies and SMEs. It is also a highly viable solution for cash management services for retailers in Thailand.

Guardforce’s one-stop Cash Management Solution encompasses a full range of cash-related services, from collection of cash to counting, verifying and banking in.

Our team of excellent employees are hand-picked and trained to meet the specialised requirements for transporting cash and valuables in a safe and timely manner.

In addition to reliable and efficient service, our clients also enjoy the added advantage of lower insurance cost due to greater risk control by using Guardforce’s services.

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