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One of the largest coin processor in Thailand

Coins Processing & Supply

Guardforce takes care of labourious coin wrapping and counting tasks

Guardforce’s coin supply service and coin processing service in Thailand ensure businesses have adequate supply of coins to meet their daily operational needs and have the coins collected from daily transactions properly deposited. With Guardforce’s one-stop support on coin supply and processing, businesses won’t have to waste precious manpower on such inefficient tasks and save on coin-handling costs.

Guardforce collects coins from customers at a set time for processing in Guardforce’s coins operating centre equipped with smart sorting machines designed to handle a high volume of coins. After sorting, counting and verifying, an equivalent sum of the collected coins will be deposited into the customer’s bank account. The coins collected will be repacked to supply and deliver to clients as needed. 

The service is actively used by transportation companies, retailers, supermarkets and charitable organisations of Thailand.

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