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Guardforce Digital Machine

End-to-end cash management solution

Smart Guardforce Digital Machine

Hassle-free and solid in-store cash storage solution​

Guardforce Thailand’s total cash deposit solution takes care of clients’ cash income starting at the store. With the Guardforce Digital Machine in Thailand, clients can accurately keep track of cash intake and store cash in a secure machine in the store before it is safely transported and deposited into the bank account. For retailers dealing with substantial daily cash intake, it is a preferred retail cash management solution that delivers significant convenience and peace of mind.

The in-house cash deposit solution boasts a full range of desirable features:

  • Highly reliable instant multi-currency and counterfeit recognition
  • Fast and accurate bank-note counting, for up to 600 bank notes per minute in any denomination
  • Wireless, compact and modular design to suit different business environment
  • Strongly built with high security features such as auto-sealing bags for safekeeping of cash in business premises

The Guardforce Digital Machine solution can be seamlessly integrated with Guardforce’s end-to-end smart Cash Management Solution for total cash management solution – Guardforce’s armed guards and armoured vehicles will collect cash from the clients’ Digital Machine, then transfer it to Guardforce’s secure cash processing facilities for processing and deposited into clients’ specified bank accounts within committed timeframe.

The end-to-end cash deposit management solution offers clients significant benefits:

  • Fast and simple, user-friendly and deliver significant cost saving
  • Transparent transactions, traceable anytime online via computer or smart devices
  • Flexible machine sizes for fitting into business setups of any scale
  • Reliable and secure means of depositing, storing, processing and banking in cash income.
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